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Social Media Makes us Unhappy?

The Progressive Paradigm


The advent of Facebook has facilitated social interaction and connection on a global scale. However, Facebook’s global social imprint may have come with psychological costs to society.

A major study by the University of Michigan found that when college-aged students increased interaction on Facebook, they expressed a a greater degree of loneliness.

To nurture healthy social relationships, humans must connect socially on a personal level, a dynamic that social media has undermined. Social media is an addiction of sorts that divorces is from genuine connection to humanity. We become so engrossed in technology, we often neglect interaction with our friends and loved ones. Consequently, critical communication and social skills are mal-nurtured and underdeveloped. Perhaps, as the study suggests, we may become depressed due to comparing our own social lives to others who share their experiences on Facebook or other social outlets.

Indeed, social media builds cross-cultural relationships and creates…

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